Pure Hawaii, Full Spectrum
Hemp Oil

You have arrived at the NEXUS.




In the center of the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii sits in splendor at the NEXUS point between pure elemental forces.

Blessed with year-round sun, warm ocean breezes, pure tropical rains, and rich deep volcanic soils combine forces to produce the finest Hemp in the world. Hawaii NEXUS Hemp is single-sourced directly from our own fields, that are cultivated with the highest regenerative and organic practices.

Synergy 600mg

Alchemy 1200mg

Infusion 1800mg

Anoint Topical 444mg

Paws 150mg

OUR MISSION: to create pure Hawaii hemp extract products in the spirit of Aloha, with a commitment to 100% customer satisfaction.

Our dedication to the art and science of alchemically balancing the natural elemental forces is well expressed in “Hawaii NEXUS”. Our Kauai farm is dedicated to beyond organic and regenerative practices that nurture our hemp to its complete vitality and botanical expression.

Our full spectrum oil products deliver the fullest expression of the whole hemp plant extract directly to you, and comes with our guarantee of your complete satisfaction.

All of our “Hawaii NEXUS” Hemp products are made with certified organic Hemp grown on our 20 acre family farm

on the island of Kauai. We blend our hemp extracts with the finest certified organic hemp seed oil and organic coconut oils.

Our products are designed and produced with the principle that low temperature, full spectrum extraction delivers the highest and most complete synergistic entourage of Full Spectrum Cannabinoids and the hemp plants complete botanical values directly to you!

We are a family owned twenty acre certified organic farm located in Moloa’a on the island of Kauai.

Blessed with deep, rich soils, our hemp is cultivated in a balanced mineral and microbial clay soil that’s rich in organic matter.

Year round solar infusion and warm tropical rains bathe our lovingly tended plants in just the right conditions for their complete and full expression.

We quality control every step of our hemp and hemp product’s journey and final
delivery to you.